Thursday, November 3, 2016

Computer Science Education Week

One of the joys of my position as Technology Coach in the district is working with students across all grade levels and assisting teachers with the integration of technology. I have found that the students truly enjoy the time they spend with electronic devices in school. As always, it is important that we do not use technology for the sake of using technology, but make sure that the technology is truly adding to the learning experience of our students. Computer Science Education Week is approaching in December, providing students and teachers an opportunity to integrate technology in a fun, creative, engaging, and meaningful way in the classroom.

Computer Science Education Week was a huge success in FASD last December. This week of celebrating and integrating Computer Science in our classrooms saw over 500 FASD students grades K-8 experience an Hour of Code, with many writing their first-ever lines of computer code. Students were utilizing math, reading, thinking, and reasoning skills to solve coding puzzles and to create their own original games! These activities were highly educational and fun for all involved. In addition to participation in the Hour of Code, the 6th grade classes at Sandycreek Elementary School took the challenge to move beyond the hour of code and I had the privilege of leading those students on an almost weekly basis through the content of a coding course from

Computer Science Education Week will be celebrated this year the week of December 5-11. I would love nothing more than to see this program continue to grow in our district. As I offered last year, I am more than willing and able to conduct these Hour of Code sessions in your classrooms. I will work with your schedule to see that every student in FASD has a chance to explore the exciting world of Computer Science. Furthermore, I would very much like to see our students moving beyond the hour of code by completing lessons within the curriculum. Again, these are lessons that I will gladly come in and teach for you as often as you would like. By providing our students with these opportunities, we are providing them with practical applications of the math, reading, and thinking skills we spend so much time teaching in the classroom and, ultimately, building a foundation for future success in our tech-driven world.

Interested in conducting an Hour of Code session with your students? Let me know by scheduling an appointment via the app on the left. Want to go beyond the hour of code and conduct more regular coding lessons in your classroom? Let me know that as well. I look forward to hearing from you and making this year's Computer Science Education Week a meaningful and successful event for the teachers and students of FASD.