Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Welcome To The Fonshow!

About a year ago, I sent a mailing that focused on an emerging technology known as Augmented Reality. In it, I discussed real-world examples of AR experiences, an app that can be used by teachers and students to develop and view AR experiences, as well as an AR project being developed by myself, Jeff Fonzo, and (Grove City College Professor) Dr. Samantha Fecich. I'm pleased to say that this project has finally been rolled out for many of our elementary students and it's safe to say the project was an absolute success.

Project Details

Fifth and sixth grade participants in Victory Elementary's Art and Tech Clubs had a hand in making this project a reality. Art Club students worked diligently to recreate a number of classic paintings along with a few original creations based on specific artistic styles. Tech Club students conducted research that focused on the specific artists, artistic styles, and other interesting information pertaining to these paintings. With that research, they scripted and recorded a video narration and applied this narration to a short educational video created in iMovie. Using the Aurasma Studio website, these videos were attached to trigger images - images that launch the augmentation - within our Aurasma channel - The Fonshow Network. Short quizzes, based on the videos and created with Google Forms, were attached to the end of the video to check student knowledge and understanding. In all, about 35% of Victory's 5th and 6th grade students had a hand in the creation of this project.

Armed with tablets loaded with the Aurasma app and working in teams of 5-6 students, the gallery walk began. As groups scanned a painting, watched the video, and correctly answered the quiz questions, they were given clues as to the placement of the next painting. The clues eventually led the students back to the art room where their walk began.

Check out the slideshow below for a glimpse at this awesome project!

Activity Observations:
  • Students were highly engaged and genuinely excited during this activity, racing from painting to painting.
  • Students worked very well together in their small groups.
  • All groups successfully completed the activity within the 1-hour time frame.
Student Reflections:
  • What are your thoughts about this activity?
    • It was fun.
    • The artists enjoyed viewing the videos that were based on their paintings.
    • They learned some new things.
  • How can we (the teachers) make this activity better?
    • Have more paintings and AR experiences created!
    • Start each group at a different location, rather than the staggered start at the same location.
  • In what other subjects and how could your teachers use Augmented Reality activities?
    • Phys. Ed - created station-based activities where students would scan pictures to see a particular skill demonstrated. They would then have to master that skill.
    • Library - book reports
    • Bonus activities based on student interests
Augmented Reality is an emerging and developing technology. As the technology develops the possible applications will grow. Educationally, this technology has the potential to truly enhance what we are already doing in our classrooms and bring the curriculum to life in ways that simply weren't possible in the not too distant past. If you'd like to create an AR experience for your class, let's talk! Schedule an appointment via the link on the left.