Friday, April 17, 2015

PD Opportunities Galore!!!

Professional Development. These words do not often garner positive reactions from professional educators. The reasons for these less than positive reactions vary from person to person, but, in my own experience, I find these opportunities often have little relevance to me as a teacher. When I don't see the relevance, I have a hard time buying in to the program and information being offered. I have recently come across a web resource that helps me to focus on PD opportunities that are of interest and relevance to me as a teacher. That resource is SimpleK12.

This web resource has it all! Teachers can find an astounding number of resources shared by other teachers around the world, discussion forums to discuss a wide range of topics with other educators, and a ginormous library of webinars, both live and on-demand. This resource is especially helpful for those in our district as we begin the shift to Google Apps For Education (GAFE) as many of the webinars focus on Google-related issues. Check the Professional Development Opportunities links below to find topics to fit your needs!

If you happen to participate in any of the webinars available and would like to share any valuable takeaways with me, I would greatly appreciate it! I would love to pass along the little gems you find to the rest of the district. I find the best way to learn is when our teachers teach our teachers!